direction Alberto Grilli

actors Tanja Horstmann, Angela Pezzi, Renato Valmori, Maria Regosa

dramatist Gigi Bertoni

actors collaborators Mario Barzaghi, Stefano Grandi, Denis Campitelli, Andrea Valdinocci, Monica Camporesi

sets and costumes Lucia Baldini, Maria Donata Papadia

musical direction Antonella Talamonti

organization Tanja Horstmanni, Andrea Massironi, Sonia Bombardieri

secretary Noemi Di Pasqua

TEATRO DUE MONDI is an independent theatre group from Faenza in Italy, subsidized by the Region Emilia Romagna. The group has been doing theatre research and theatre pedagogy for over 30 years and is composed by 11 permanent members and about 12 volunteers. The artistic research of the actors/teachers is based on auto-pedagogical processes that generate shows and that stimulate diversified educational activities.
The group’s work is composed by: theatre teaching and theatre production (including street theatre, social committed theatre, and theatre for children), organization of events (theatre, music and dance), information and net-working (conferences and meetings about artistic and social issues).
Due to a strong social motivation, the group aims at bringing theatre where it is especially needed: suburbs, orphanages, socially disadvantaged areas, streets and squares.